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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW | Conferences

Sydney 2022 Conference
Novotel (Sydney) at Brighton Le Sands
May 12th & 13th
The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW) invite you to the May 2022 Conference being held at the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach.
Conference attendance incentives for members
 Financial CCANSW Category A members are entitled to one free conference registration to all Thursday and Friday activities.
For many Category A members, all you will need to pay for is accommodation, breakfast and travel! This incentive is a win for all members. Category B members will benefit from having more of their clients and potential clients at the one event, providing huge networking opportunities.

Speakers & Presenters

Two days of presentations on a wide range of subjects

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Cemetery Tour

A tour of Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium

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Conference speakers & presenters
Rowena Morrow | “Creating a new way to enjoy cemeteries—the Discover Cemeteries App”

Rowena Morrow, Chief Strategy, Innovation and Performance Officer at the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) in Victoria.

GMCT has led the development of an app called Discover Cemeteries which is based on two curated tours of Fawkner Memorial Park in northern Melbourne, focusing on the extraordinary lives of people who are now in our care.

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Simone Ravenscroft: “Cemetery and Crematoria – challenges while operating through COVID”

Simone Ravenscroft is the  General Manager for the Major Metro Parks, InvoCare.

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Christie Flippence | “Council Cemeteries –  the journey of approval and implementation of a new IT system”

Christie Flippence is the Cemeteries Manager for the  Central Coast Council (CCC) ins NSW.

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Jennifer Hickey & Fiona Lansdown | “Regulatory Reform – Development of the Interment Industry Scheme”

Jennifer Hickey, CEO , Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) and Fiona Lansdown, Director Regulatory Policy and Reform, CCNSW.

The speakers will outline elements of the proposed Interment Industry Scheme, and the key areas of feedback received from stakeholders to date.

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James Hickey | “Perpetual cemetery maintenance governance, including financial management for cemetery operators”

James Hickey is Partner and Practice Leader at Deloitte Actuaries.

 James will give insights on the recent findings released by IPART (with Deloitte acting in an expert adviser capacity) in regards to best practice perpetual maintenance management of cemeteries.

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Sydney 2022 Conference - Tour of Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium is admired as one of Sydney’s most beautiful memorial parklands, known for its serene and picturesque gardens. The site is the largest cemetery on the North Shore spanning 59 hectares of Crown land.

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Joe Campbell | “How has the Pandemic changed the way we order memorials”

Joe Campbell is the General Manager at Phoenix Foundry, based in Uralla, NSW.

During the pandemic the way we all do business has had to adapt in a number of ways to keep doors open.

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Sally Kennedy | Innovations; Meeting Today’s needs in customer service for the Cemetery Clients.

Sally Kennedy is a Director at Dearly Plaques & Memorials.

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Jennifer Vincent: “Efficient, equitable and sustainable: interment costs and pricing in NSW cemeteries”

Jennifer Vincent is Director, Policy and Pricing at the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART).

IPART is the NSW state government pricing authority – they set prices for government monopoly services in transport, water, energy and local government. They also undertake other regulatory or economic investigations as requested.

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Lee Shearer | “OneCrown – Consistent, transparent and affordable services across Crown cemeteries”

Lee Shearer APM is the OneCrown Administrator.

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Michael Robertson | “Adelaide Cemeteries moving with community expectations in the environment and bringing European standards of filtration to cremations in Australia”

Michael Robertson is the Chief Operations Officer at Adelaide Cemeteries.

As Chief Operating Officer for South Australia’s largest cemetery operator, Michael is leading the charge when it comes to environmental initiatives and green credentials.

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Martin Jackson | “Case Study: Successful Cemetery Transformation”

Martin is the Customer Service Director, APAC, PlotBox.

Using examples from real-life case studies, learn how cemetery providers have successfully transformed their businesses and improved the quality of service to their communities while realising operating efficiencies and mitigating risks.

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Josh Saunders: “Maintenance Reduction and Revenue Ideas Within Existing Cemeteries”

Josh Saunders is a Supervisor at  Memorial Gardens and Cemeteries operated by Wollongong City Council.

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Chris Brown | “Carr Villa Memorial Park (Tasmania)”

Chris Brown,  Manager of Glory Marble & Granite, will talk about  the detail, the design and installation of the new cremation garden at the Carr Villa Memorial Park, Tasmania. A modern design in keeping with an old cemetery.

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Lea-Ann McNeill | OpusXenta

Lea-Ann McNeill is the General Manager ANZ Region, OpusXenta.

With an ongoing interest in family history research, the ability for families to access information on line from cemeteries and crematoria continues to be of critical importance, but for many smaller cemeteries this can be an expensive exercise.

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Emma McGregor | “Reflecting on the past 12 months with Arrow Bronze”

Emma McGregor, National Sales Manager, Arrow Bronze.

Over the past 12 months the team at Arrow Bronze have manufactured a range of bespoke items for our valued customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Emma will take you on a journey and showcase some of the projects that Arrow Bronze has delivered.

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Bill Tsakalos | “St Bartholomew’s Cemetery—a rebirth”

Bill Tsakalos, City Architect & Director Transformational Design, Blacktown City Council.

St Bartholomew’s Cemetery is a cemetery which, having reached interment capacity, lacked purpose and visitation and consequently fell into disrepair.

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James Reid | “Reimagining the public cemetery – GMCT’s greenfield project at Harkness, Victoria”

James Reid is the Chief Future Built Environment Officer at Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT).

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Chantelle O'Neill | “What a Year!”

Chantelle O’Neill, Business Development Manager, Final Touch Australia (FTA).

In light of not being able catch up in the last year, we would like to share with you a little about what has been happening for us at FTA.

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Debbie Saunders | “The Li Family Memorial” - “A fine bird chooses a fine tree”

Debbie Saunders is the Memorials Manager at the The Palmdale Group.

The Li Family memorial was designed by Mr Xing Guo, in honour of Mr Li and family. The brief was to create a memorial that synergised with the surrounds and guided the chi, throughout the entire space of the memorial.

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John Taylor | “Norwalk Precast Modular Multi Space Mausoleum Crypts”

John is Director at Norwalk Precast Burial Systems Pty Ltd.

John’s presentation will provide information on Norwalk’s latest patented precast design, Norwalk Modular Multi Space Mausoleum Crypts.  This new design, like all Norwalk products, not only saves substantial onsite installation time and site cleanliness when compared to cast-on-site, the new design contains the same number of spaces per m2 of land area as cast-on-site.

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Sydney Conference 2022 - The Sessions

Thursday sessions:

Will include a number of highly pertinent, on point and stimulating industry presentations, the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) & Annual General Meeting (AGM).

· EGM & AGM: Updating attendees on industry activities and issues.

Friday sessions:

Will include further industry presentations and a cemetery site visit:

  • Lee Shearer, OneCrown: “OneCrown consistent, transparent and affordable services across Crown cemeteries”

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Click here for the full programme




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Rodney Claxton | “A designed industry”  

Rodney Claxton, CEO, Everlon.

With the world beginning to move again, Rodney reflects on Everlons’ ventures over the past two years and how it led to the creatives ushering the way for designed products, services and processes, reinventing and reinvigorating the Death Care Industry.

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