The two recent conference presentations by Christine Smyth, of Robbins Watson Solicitors and the commencement of Part 4 (Interment rights) of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013, have prompted some members to think more closely about how they should interpret the Act and Regulations.

 To assist our members and the families they serve, CCANSW, with member input, identified a number of issues that required clarification and sought legal advice from Robbins Watson Solicitors.

Answers to 27 questions have been received in plain, easy to understand English, which is now available to members via our website.

Our initial set of QandA’s raised a number of additional questions and these are now with Robbins Watson Solicitors, awaiting reply.

The QandA documentation will be ongoing, with additional QandAs added when and if issues arise. The documentation provides an extremely valuable membership resource.

 If you require more information about this media release please contact the CCANSW Secretary, Mary Reid.


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