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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW - Conferences

  • ABC RN: Planning cemeteries for the future

    High Tech Memorial Wall, Japan

    Dr Hannah Gould is a socio-cultural anthropologist working in Australia. You may remember that she was scheduled to speak at the CCANSW conference last May, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Dr Gould recently spoke the Radio National's "Life Matters" about planning cemeteries for the future.

  • DeathTech | We need to rethink how we manage death-care

    Professor Tamara Kohn, Professor Michael Arnold, Dr Fraser Allison, Dr Hannah Gould, Samuel Holleran, University of Melbourne; and Professor Alex Broom, University of Sydney argue Australia’s death-care system is already showing cracks, but the pressures will only worsen, especially as the baby boomer generation takes us into ‘peak death’.

  • Dr Bjørn Nansen: “The Future Cemetery – some preliminary findings”

    Bjørn Nansen is a member of the DeathTech Research Team, a group of anthropologists, social scientists, and human-computer interaction specialists based at the University of Melbourne working to understand the intersection of death, technology, and society in the 21st century.

  • Hannah Gould: “Futures of Cremation and Columbaria: Lessons from Japan and Beyond ”

    John is Director at Norwalk Precast Burial Systems

    This presentation will explore the transformation of rites of death and cremation in North-East Asia and draw lessons for forging new futures of deathcare in Australia. North-East Asia is home to distinct cultural traditions of cremation, which in recent years have been combined with new technologies to produce innovative facilities, products, and services. These designs represent creative responses to widescale challenges in deathcare which also appear on Australia’s horizon, including an ageing population, an era of ‘peak death’, intense urbanisation, and secularisation.