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  • Balranald Council Sacked. Not a Responsible Employer, says NSW Government

    Government News reports Balranald Shire Council is in the hands of an administrator after a report found it failed to act as a responsible employer, and that councillors had undermined and threatened staff including general managers.  The NSW Riverina region councilwas dismissed at the end of January by the minister for local government, Shelley Hancock, upon recommendation by Commissioner Roslyn McCulloch.

  • CCA Members Only - CCASA Cemeteries Resource Kit available

    Logo Slide from website CCA Members can now download the Cemeteries Resource Kit supplied by CCASA. The kit offers a manual and a collection of WH&S procedure, policy and related templates in editable format.

  • CCANSW warns cemetery operators of catastrophic fire dangers in NSW

    The savage bush fires devasting the east coast of Australia have had the NSW  Government declare the threat as catastrophic and, in consequence, a State of Emergency across New South Wales (NSW).

    The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association  of New South Wales (CCANSW)  would also remind cemetery operators and administrators that they have a duty of care to provide for the health and safety of its staff and the visiting public coming into cemeteries, gardens and buildings.  A bushfire is an obvious threat to the health and safety of anyone caught in its path.

  • How a UK cemetery approaches monument & headstone safety

    You may have read about a NSW local government authority's efforts to manage risks associated with hazardous monuments and headstones, and how it had to pull backwhen citizens started to complain. I have some sympathy for the officers concerned; I have been there, done that. There is no easy way forward on this sensitive issue, but here's how the local Council in Solihull (UK)approaches it. Note that it starts with the media...

  • Media Release - Standards Australia to work with CCA in Monument Standards Review

    ccalogotransparent dropshadowAs you may be aware, the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW (CCA) had submitted proposals to Standards Australia to review: 

    • AS 4425-1996 Above ground burial structures
    • AS 4204-1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments.

    We are pleased to advise that Standards Australia have accepted the proposals.

  • MidCoast Council address public meeting at Wingham Bowling Club regarding The Bight Cemetery

    According to the Wingham Chronicle,it was standing room only at the Wingham Bowling Club on Sunday, August 11 at a public meeting held for the community to express their concerns about the damage done graves at the Bight Cemetery under MidCoast Council's Monument Risk Assessment Program, and for council to address the public.

  • Midcoast Council Halts Monument & Headstone Safety Testing

    In relation to this story, the ABC now tells us that Midcoast Councilhas called a halt to its courageous decision to ensure monument safety in its cemetery, The Council reacted when inevitable complaints started once its monument testing and "make safe" program had commenced.

  • MidCoast Council has composed a map and gallery of graves online

    Midcoast Councilis  currently developing an action plan for the repair of damaged headstones at the Bight Cemetery Wingham. The Council says is committed to working with families to ensure the restoration of the headstones that were incorrectly laid down. It is currently undertaking a review, following which a report will be put to a Council meeting.

  • NSW | QR Codes for funeral venues including cemeteries

    The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW  asked  Minister Brad Hazzard about responsibilities for safety plans and QR codes at funerals held at cemeteries. The CCANSW has received the following reply from the COVID-19 Public Health Response Branch:

  • NSW Midcoast Council accounces cemetery monument safety survey

    Commencing this week, MidCoast Council is undertaking a program to ensure memorial monuments are made safe in cemeteries across the MidCoast region.

    "We're assessing monuments in cemeteries, and where they pose a public safety risk, they will be laid down, with inscriptions facing up and visible," said Council's Manager of Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades, Dan Aldridge. Council will also take photos and keep records of inscriptions to ensure the preservation of full information about each monument and those buried there.

  • Phillip Smallman: “The ‘why’ of safety”

    Phillip SmallmanPhil is an injured worker, living more than 24 years in a wheelchair.  

    Phil understands the ‘why’ of safety. Through living the ‘costs’ associated with injury.

    Phil’s definition of safety is unlike any other.  Phil understands culture change and the corresponding journey.  

    Phil helps people understand just where they are on the journey, with particular focus on attitudes to safety.  

    Phil’s presentation will explore the safety journey which will provide participants with an indication of where they are (as individuals) on the ‘journey’ as well as an organisational indicator.

    He will speak about the difference between a compliant mindset (forced behaviour) versus a committed mindset (volunteered behaviour), ultimately speaking about our attitude towards safety.

    Conference attendees will leave in no doubt as to what the ‘essence of safety’ is all about and also with a clear understanding that one person can make a difference and that collectively they are an integral part of culture change..

  • Quad bikes and button batteries among ACCC's 2021 product safety priorities

    The ACCC will this year focus on implementation of important safety standards relating to quad bikes including preparing consumers and businesses for a mandatory requirement for operator protection devices as it is introduced in October, ACCC Chair Rod Sims said today.

  • Report on the Statutory Review of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW)

    DohNSWA Report on the review has been prepared to detail the findings of the review and was recently tabled in Parliament.


  • Scotland: Family says Government report doesn't go far enough to prevent another tragedy

    Scotland's "The Herald" reports the family of a child killed by a falling gravestone have criticised a government report on safety in cemeteries and called it a 'box ticking exercise'. Ciaran Williamson's father and grandmother say the new guidelines published this month do not go far enough to ensure a similar tragedy won't happen again.Ciaran, 8, died when a 7ft headstone fell on him in Craigton cemetery, Glasgow, in May 2015, severing his spinal cord and killing him instantly.

  • Scotland: Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Ciaran James Williamson summary

    Following on from yesterday's post about the matter, the following is a summary of the main findings in the Determination by Sheriff Linda Ruxton following a Fatal Accident Inquiry held in Glasgow into the circumstances of the death of Ciaran James Williamson, aged eight, who was killed on 16 May 2015 when he was crushed by a gravestone in a Glasgow cemetery.

    Full Summary

  • SSSnake Kit from SSSafe

    Many of you who  saw Craig Adam's excellent snake showat the CCANSW's Parramatta conference will be interested in the snake bite kit. You can obtain it from SSSAFE on this link. 

    Get your snake bite kit here

  • UK House of Commons Briefing Paper: Unsafe memorials in cemeteries

    UK House of Commons LibraryThis briefing paper deals with the position in England and Wales. Memorials, in this context, are sometimes referred to using a number of different terms
    including headstone, tombstone and gravestone.
    Responsibility for maintaining individual memorials generally remains primarily with those who erected them. Local authorities, acting as burial authorities, have general powers of management in relation to public cemeteries. This includes power to take any action necessary to remove a danger which arises because of the condition of a vault, tombstone or memorial. Burial authorities also have duties of care under health and safety legislation and under the principles of occupier’s liability.

  • UK: Boy's headstone death 'could have been prevented'

    Police incident at Craigton cemetery Cardonald Glasgow

    The death of an eight year-old boy who was hit by a headstone in a cemetery could have been prevented, a sheriff has ruled. Ciaran Williamson was critically injured in Craigton Cemetery in Cardonald, Glasgow, on 26 May 2015. A Fatal Accident Inquiry concluded Glasgow City Council did not have "an active system of inspection to ensure the safety and stability of memorials".

  • Vacuum Tube Lifters

    A linkedin comment  from Peter Kennedyabout an innovative lifting device caught my attention.  I've gathered & published a bit more information about it and a youtube link. You never know, it might just prove useful. Read on...

  • Vaughan Cemetery Trust fears personal liability if gully collapses

    The members of the trust  of a small Victorian Goldfields cemetery are worried they might personally  be liable should someone be huirt, or worse, in the cemetery,