What price should a grave be to ensure future liabilities can be met? How much money does your preservation fund need? Will the NSW government license cemetery operators? And what about COVID- what lessons have been learned? These topics and more will be addressed by speakers and presenters at The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW Sydney 2022 Conference as it focuses on securing your cemetery's future.

What’s a fair price for a grave?

Jennifer VincentEvery year cemetery operators ponder questions related to fee increases and what is appropriate. Generally they are looking at schedules which were derived from past fee structures, not good governance or funding ongoing maintenance… forever. Some compare themselves to other operators, but are aware that their comparators have no more understanding of requirements than they do.

That world is rapidly changing. IPART’s 2020 major industry study report provides a framework and guidance in relation to appropriate approaches to fee setting. Jennifer will provide insights into not only IPART’s report but also how to set more appropriate fees, providing for perpetual maintenance.

IPART’s approach is not “one size fits all”… it is risk based. To gain insights into where you fit and how an industry licensing regime may impact your operation join with Jennifer at the CCANSW conference

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 How much preservation funding is too little?

If you are wondering what dollars will be needed to maintain your cemeteries forever… look no fJames Hickeyurther.

For insights into how to calculate your perpetual funding needs and how to contribute towards it from cemetery fees, gain insider tips (for free) from James Hickey.

As an actuary, James led the Deloitte team, assisting IPART in its examination of the sector. Their broad understanding of the related governance issues, the impacts of historic funding shortfalls and the challenges now facing the sector, provides the context for making practical suggestions about how to fund perpetuity.

Like to hear more… join with James at the CCANSW conference

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 Will this scheme impact your cemetery?

hickey lansdownThe proposed CCNSW Interment Industry Scheme aims to provide an appropriate framework for cemetery operations. As this scheme seeks to implement eight recommendations from the statutory review and 23 recommendations from the IPART review of interment costs and pricing, it will impact all cemetery operators.

If accepted by government, this scheme will licence all cemetery and crematoria operators for the first time, in three categories, and introduce new mandatory requirements as licence conditions.

To gain an understanding of where the proposal is at, the feedback CCNSW has received and how the scheme will influence your approach to governance, fees and operations hear CCNSW’s Jennifer Hickey and Fiona Lansdown’s presentation to the CCANSW conference.

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Coping with COVID

Simone RavenscroftEveryone has been impacted in some way by COVID and the related restrictions on the conduct of funerals and cemetery operations. The associated challenge for all cemetery operators has been to modify the way they assist client families, with as little as possible reduction to customer service and satisfaction.

We are not to know what the ongoing challenges of COVID will be or indeed what other pandemics may occur. Lessons can be learned from the InvoCare experience and its approach to keeping the doors open.

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 Thinking of starting or re-establishing or refocusing a cemetery?

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Bill Tsakalos (Blacktown City Council), James Reid (GMCT), Rowena Morrow (GMCT), Josh Saunders ( Wollongong City Council) & Michael Robertson (Adelaide Cemeteries Authority)

Some cemetery operators recognise that they are running out of burial space and need to create new sites. Others acknowledge that client family’s needs are evolving. This may necessitate alterations to cemetery product offerings to generate revenue or to meet climate and emissions expectations. Some have an old site that can be rejuvenated and re-opened.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, learn from the experience of others. Hear about the approaches taken and the lessons learned rebirthing St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, developing the Harkness greenfield site, using an App to help families explore the cemetery and applying European standards at crematoria and strategies to reduce maintenance whilst increasing revenue.

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