Dr Bjørn Nansen: “The Future Cemetery – some preliminary findings”

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Bjørn Nansen is a member of the DeathTech Research Team, a group of anthropologists, social scientists, and human-computer interaction specialists based at the University of Melbourne working to understand the intersection of death, technology, and society in the 21st century.

In this presentation, he will report on some preliminary workshop and survey findings from The Future Cemetery project, a three-year project funded by the Australian Research Council (Grant no: LP180100757) in partnership with the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (Vic.)

Bjørn is a digital media researcher located in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. He has published widely across studies of technology innovation and adoption, digital media industries, and cultural practices of media use in everyday and family life. His work is based in interdisciplinary approaches to research, and draws on a mix of ethnographic, participatory and digital research techniques. He is the co-author of Death and Digital Media (2018, Routledge) and Digital Domesticity: Media, Materiality, and Home Life (2020, Oxford University Press). With a particular focus on emerging and marginal digital practices, his current projects investigate children’s YouTube, digital memorialising, and sleep management technologies.


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