Estelle Muspratt: “Insights and Understandings – The work of the Office of Australian War Graves”

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The Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG), implements Government policy for the perpetual commemoration of Australian veterans whose post-war deaths are accepted as being due to their war service.

Estelle Muspratt CustomEstelle Muspratt, Assistant Director, Policy and Communication, OAWGSince 1922, Australia has commemorated our war dead and post-war dead through war memorials and in cemeteries in Australia and overseas. OAWG maintains perpetual commemorations in the form of plaques in Australian Government Gardens of Remembrance and headstones in 72 war cemeteries and plots, as well as more than 325,000 individual commemorations in more than 2,200 cemeteries and crematoria across every state and territory in Australia.

Estelle will provide attendees with insights into the legislative and collaborative relationships between our cemeteries, crematoriums and the OAWG. The presentation will examine how we work together to support veterans, service personnel, and their families.’

2020 marked Estelle’s 13th year with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. As the daughter of two now retired Australian Defence Force members, she has had the very great privilege of designing and delivering commemorations to mark Australian service in many of the wars, conflicts and peace operations to which our nation has been committed. Estelle has worked alongside veterans and current serving Australian Defence Force members to deliver commemorative services and veteran commemorative missions in Australia, Europe, North Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom.

Estelle moved into the OAWG, in 2015 to coordinate the repatriation of 33 Australian Defence Force personnel and civilian dependents from the Terendak Military Cemetery in Malaysia. She stayed with the office after the repatriation, taking on the role of Assistant Director Official Commemorations and Overseas Memorials. In October 2018, she moved to support the Director War Graves as his Executive Officer, before becoming responsible for OAWG’s policy and communications. In this role she oversees the team that manages the provision of official commemoration of eligible veterans who have died post-war and/or whose deaths are caused by their war service.


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