Florence Jaquet: “Today’s Footprint is Tomorrow’s Legacy”

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  Florence Jaquet, Principal, Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect (FJLA).

The potential social and environmental legacies of cemeteries. As attitudes toward the environment, climate change and sustainability are rapidly changing in our Australian society, the cemetery industry needs to address its own impact. It also needs to recognise the many opportunities it could harness to become part of the solution rather than the problem.

Florence Jaquet is the principal of a landscape architecture practice in Melbourne specialising in cemetery design, with extensive international experience and knowledge leadership that she brings from Switzerland,
England and France. Her focus is on delivering sustainable and contemporary places for communities and has a particular interest in environmental resilience. Florence believes in the importance of connection to nature for the general well-being of people.

She has been responsible for more than 70 projects for over 30 cemetery clients, in Australia and overseas, ranging from broad planning to detail design, including recently approved Macarthur Memorial Park in NSW and the largest greenfield cemetery in Malaysia (Putrajaya).

Florence is the recipient of the CCANSW 2019 award for Innovation.

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Florence will also give a brief presentation on Lessons From COVID.

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