Gary Graham: “The management of air emissions from crematoria”

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Gary Graham, Director / Air Quality Scientist, Northstar Air Quality.

The presentation will identify the key sources of air emissions from crematoria and discuss the potential health and amenity risks of those emissions on the surrounding community.  The regulatory drivers and upcoming trends for emission control and health exposure will be identified and discussed, and the potential compliance risks for current operators discussed. 

Finally the presentation will discuss how crematoria design can help minimise exposure and compliance risks.

Gary is a Director with Northstar Air Quality and has over 25 years’ experience in environmental management and assessment with a specialism in air quality sciences. 

He is a Certified Air Quality Professional (CAQP), Chartered Scientist (CSci), Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (C.WEM MCIWEM) and a certified project manager with extensive experience in multi-disciplinary consultancy with an emphasis within the air quality, environmental permitting, compliance, environmental planning and waste management sectors.


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