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Lea-Ann McNeill, OpusXenta | “Digital Business Systems in DeathCare Services”

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 Lea-Ann McNeill is the General Manager of the ANZ Region, OpusXenta. 2020 forced the world into the digital space with volition 2020 forced the world into the digital space with volition. The stalwarts of paper systems had their fingers prized from their in-trays onto the keyboard. Cemeteries and Funeral Homes were streaming services commonly and face-to-face meetings were moved to Zoom. We were given a taste of how business can be with reduced physical contact, and encouraged to re-imagine our service offerings to our valued customers via less traditional methods.

OpusXenta will share the innovations and products we have developed to assist our customers in the deathcare sector, to continue to do business with the same level of care and improved data management.


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