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Noble Urns
Noble Urns
Address: Warsaw ,Poland
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Beautiful funeral cremation urns for ashes, handmade burial ash urns, memorials and keepsakes.

Heir to a long tradition, our company has been continuing the unique craft of designing and manufacturing ornamental cremation urns for ashes since its founding.

In our foundry, know-how meets technology to give life to exceptional funeral ash urns, always entirely handmade. Making up our team are masters of the craft offering a wide array of skills: design, programming, metalworking, woodworking, sculpture, foundry, galvanizing, chrome plating, and patination.

In the burial urn production process, we use a variety of materials such as wood, steel, stone, marble, granite, bronze, brass, silicon, nickel, aluminum, chrome and many others. Our fine detailed ornaments and sculptures please the eye and evoke delicate emotions in any corner of the world. Hand-applied patinas and layers make every single keepsake urn exceptional and elegant.

Each cinerary urn for human ashes leaving our workshop holds a special combination of passion, historical knowledge and technology, which allows us to endlessly exceed the limits of our imagination.

Our burial memorials are not simple ash containers or cremation boxes. The handwork of our artisans at all stages adds a delicate touch to our funerary urns and opens infinite possibilities in terms of form, making each piece unique and timeless.

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