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CEO’s Panel—Operational Matters Now and Reflections Ahead

Hear from the industry’s leading CEO’s. The first session of this presentation will focus on operational challenges, providing delegates with first hand experience and examples. First impressions, initial challenges, cemetery infrastructure,priorities, planning and cemetery legislation are just some of the topics that will be covered. This second session will focus on the priorities for the next 3-5 years, land, environmentalsustainability, cultural diversity, succession planning and forward Governance arrangements forcemeteries.

Chantelle O’Neill, Final Touch Australia: “What a Year!”

In light of not being able catch up in the last year, we would like to share with you a little about what has been happening for us at Final Touch Australia.

Chris Brown, Glory Marble & Granite: “Industry Update”

As the Sydney manager for Glory Marble and Granite, Chris looks after all the daily running of the company. His presentation will provide an industry update. 

Dr Bjørn Nansen: “The Future Cemetery – some preliminary findings”

Bjørn Nansen is a member of the DeathTech Research Team, a group of anthropologists, social scientists, and human-computer interaction specialists based at the University of Melbourne working to understand the intersection of death, technology, and society in the 21st century.

Dr Philip Bachelor OAM | “Graduate Studies in Cemetery Practice”

Dr Philip Bachelor OAM is a Cemetery Administrator & Academic instrumental in Australia's Deakin University world- leading course in cemetery studies.

Dr. Hannah Gould: Disrupted Futures of DeathCare

 Lessons from 2020 East Asia and Beyond  Dr Hannah Gould, ARC Research Fellow, DeathTech Research Team, The University of Melbourne.

Estelle Muspratt: “Insights and Understandings – The work of the Office of Australian War Graves”

The Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG), implements Government policy for the perpetual commemoration of Australian veterans whose post-war deaths are accepted as being due to their war service.

Florence Jaquet: “Today’s Footprint is Tomorrow’s Legacy”

The potential social and environmental legacies of cemeteries. As attitudes toward the environment, climate change and sustainability are rapidly changing in our Australian society, the cemetery industry needs to address its own impact. It also needs to recognise the many opportunities it could harness to become part of the solution rather than the problem.

Gary Graham: “The management of air emissions from crematoria”

The presentation will identify the key sources of air emissions from crematoria and discuss the potential health and amenity risks of those emissions on the surrounding community.  The regulatory drivers and upcoming trends for emission control and health exposure will be identified and discussed, and the potential compliance risks for current operators discussed. 

Helen Treloar, OpusXenta | “Digital Business Systems in DeathCare Services”

2020 forced the world into the digital space with volition. The stalwarts of paper systems had their fingers prized from their in-trays onto the keyboard. Cemeteries and Funeral Homes were streaming services commonly and face-to-face meetings were moved to Zoom. We were given a taste of how business can be with reduced physical contact, and encouraged to re-imagine our service offerings to our valued customers via less traditional methods.

Jennifer Hickey & Fiona Lansdown | “Reforming the Way we Regulate: CCNSW’s Journey”

CCNSW has been developing an interment industry scheme, as required under Part 3 of the NSW Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013. The presentation will provide an overview of the main components of the scheme, including the new regulatory framework which outlines our intent as a regulator. By the end of the session, participants should have a good understanding of what the scheme might look like; issues that have been raised by stakeholders to date, and how they can contribute to the development of the scheme and provide feedback.

Joe Campbell, Phoenix Foundry: “Memorialisation and the new trends”

In previous presentations Joe has discussed memorialisation and the growing trends of people memorialising in various ways outside of cemeteries. Joe will look into this further using sales histories of Phoenix to see what trends are occurring and what areas are growing to possibly help assist you with new marketing campaigns to help increase your memorialisation rates.

John Taylor: “Precast Cremated Remains Memorialisation “Columbarium” ”

 John’s presentation will provide information on precast concrete Columbarium's. Cemeteries that are small with limited interments or large cemeteries and churches that have limited space can install a precast concrete Columbarium designed to accommodate up to 3 full size ashes containers in each space. The design can match or contrasting existing facilities at an economical cost.

Martin Jackson: “Practical Advice For Digitally Transforming Your Cemetery”

Martin is Customer Service Director, APAC, PlotBox. His presentation will assist you in: Deciding where to start your digital transformation journey Placing your current data at the core of your planning Ensuring you choose future proof software

Rod Claxton & Stewart Thomas - "Behind the Design" at Everlon

Rodney Claxton and Stewart Thomas, Operations Manager at Everlon, are  part of a team of passionate professionals with experience in graphic, civil and structural design working closely together to create innovative and captivating products. Stewart  and Rodney  will be presenting a look at what's "Behind the Design".

Tara Mackay: “Mortuary Care - The role of embalming in modern funeral service ”

Tara’s presentation will give the attendees a good overview of the historical and modern needs for embalming. She believes our community and our industry's perception of embalming may not align with the reality. Tara will share her philosophy on embalming, how it relates to final disposition and her thoughts on the care of a body after death in different settings.

Trade Exhibitors 2021

Arrow Bronze

Arrow Bronze is proud of its 70+ years of service to the memorialisation industry. As market leader we have consistently instigated and introduced new and innovative products for families to…

Dearly Plaques & Memorials

The Dearly Plaques and Memorial concept was formed whilst walking the family dog through the local new cemetery where we observed that all new grave sites had a garden stake as an interim marker.


At Everlon, we pride ourselves in creating fresh and modern memorialisation designs and products whether it be bronze plaques, bespoke statues, open space sculptures or modular ashes systems.

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT), an international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation equipment

Florence Jaquet - Landscape Architect

Established in 2008, Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect offers personal service and an individual response to clients' requirements.

GBG Australia

GBG Australia is a specialist in applying non-destructive investigati

Glory Marble & Granite

Our factory is well equipped with complete range of tools for all types of stone processing needs, operated by experienced artisans of the trade. We have vase options of materials available…

HCS Industrial Pty Ltd

We set the standard that others attempt to follow...

Lite Guard

Manufacturers of Lite Guard Grave Shoring

National Granite Pty Ltd

National Granite Pty Ltd has put many years of expertise into concentrating on providing Australian market with any style of marble and granite monuments.

Norwalk Precast Burial Systems Pty Ltd

Norwalk were the first to introduce pre-cast concrete burial vaults to Australia and we remain a proven innovator in the field of cemetery and crematoria products.


OpusXenta is a leading provider of cemetery and crematorium management software solutions.

Phoenix Foundry Pty Ltd

Phoenix Foundry is proudly the only 100% Australian Owned and Operated bronze plaque supplier supporting CCANSW and its members. Phoenix Foundry is based in the Northern Tablelands region in…


PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards.


Incorporated in 1996, Randflex Pty Ltd Total Plastic Technology is a Melbourne based, family owned company. Randflex was launched with a unique approach to plastic product development.

Shotton Parmed

Australian owned and operated .Handling, Storage and Cremators for the Cemetary & Mortuary Industry, Agenets for Matthews Cremators, Zallys Crypt Lifters and Manufacturers of Parmed Lifter…


Supagas is a leading supplier of LPG, industrial, medical, specialty and helium gases in Australia.

Zinnia Group

The Australian community is older, greener and less religious than ever before. For future Australians, choosing how and where they will be buried may well be a luxury. Zinnia Group…