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Rod Claxton & Stewart Thomas - "Behind the Design" at Everlon

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Rodney Claxton and Stewart Thomas, Operations Manager at Everlon, are  part of a team of passionate professionals with experience in graphic, civil and structural design working closely together to create innovative and captivating products. Stewart  and Rodney  will be presenting a look at what's "Behind the Design".

Rod Claxton and Stewart ThomasThey understand the importance of being a part of a team of creative, motivated designers in the industry to produce meaningful, innovative and timeless memorials through their work with not only plaques but also public artworks, statues and cemetery design.  Their thoughtful and knowledgeable team work closely with their customers to create the perfect memorial.

Everlon is a family owned business, providing personal service in creating fresh and modern designs and memorial options whether for plaques, statues, sculptures or public artwork.  Their obsession to provide quality service and bespoke bronze products has allowed them to surpass client expectations. Their experienced design team are also able to conceptualise projects on a larger scale such as planning a new section within your cemetery, while the Everlon master sculptors can hand craft life-sized bronze statues and busts for memorial gardens and open spaces. Their friendly, professional team will work closely with you to create the perfect memorial for your clients and help you every step of the way


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