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Tara Mackay: “Mortuary Care - The role of embalming in modern funeral service ”

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Tara’s presentation will give the attendees a good overview of the historical and modern needs for embalming. She believes our community and our industry's perception of embalming may not align with the reality.

Tara will share her philosophy on embalming, how it relates to final disposition and her thoughts on the care of a body after death in different settings.

She will demonstrate the benefits of the viewing experience for families and communities and also share some of her experiences as a first responder to mass fatalities for Kenyon International.

Tara has been in the funeral industry for 22 years. She has worked in all aspects of the industry including arranging and conducting funerals, transfers, embalming and mortuary care, exhumations, reconstructions, and repatriations. She has also spent 4 years working in the cemetery sector.

Tara is the current Chairman for the British Institute of Embalmers Australasia. Over her career, Tara has worked in many states across Australia, and overseas including New Zealand, Canada, Asia, Europe and the UK. She is now based in Melbourne and has several roles: as a trade embalmer; a technician in the Skills Laboratory for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons; and is a first responder and the Team Member Regional Coordinator for Kenyon International Emergency Services.

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