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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW - Conferences

The following are descriptions and links to websites that offer on line searches of burial & cremation registers.
Links to law, regulation and related websites and documents

This category contains web links to legislation that may affect cemetery & crematorium operators in NSW and Australia


This sections provides links to online resources to regulations under legislated acts that affect the adminsitration of cemeteries and crematoria, particularly NSW

This section features links to online resources containing directives, guide lines, standards etc that are issued by the administrators of legislation and regulation that affects the administration of cemeteries & crematoria, especially in NSW

This section features links to online resources to published  standards that are that may affect cemeteries & crematoria, especially in NSW

Links to information and sites that might  assist consumers of funeral, cemeteries & crematorim services.

Links to policies and procedures of others that might be useful
Links to sites that offer family history research help
Asscoiations and societies

This section provides links to sites that offer clipart, stock photos etc that are all or in part free to use. Please be aware of the copyright declarations of each site before using images sourced from anywhere on the web.

NB: This site uses many of these resources.


A resource of links to prominent Australian websites that list recent deaths, scheduled funerals, obituaries, tributes, etc.   

Links to sites that have significant current and archived news resources/