Jennifer Vincent is Director, Policy and Pricing at the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART).

IPART is the NSW state government pricing authority – they set prices for government monopoly services in transport, water, energy and local government. They also undertake other regulatory or economic investigations as requested.

The request to investigate the costs of and prices for interment came from the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act, section 145. Our review concluded with a final report in November 2020, and the government’s reform processes have continued since then.

This presentation will provide an overview of our findings and recommendations from the review, including:

·  a risk-based, rather than a one-size-fits-all, approach to regulating the interment industry

·  the development of best practice guidance to assist operators in setting prices and providing for perpetual maintenance

·  a licensing regime that would require, among other things, licensed cemetery operators to meet prudential requirements for reserving funds for the perpetual maintenance of their cemeteries.

Jennifer Vincent has provided advice on policy and economic regulation in the NSW public service for more than 25 years. At IPART she has considered pricing and regulatory issues in industries from taxis to social housing to econveyancing, and now the cemetery sector.