Simone Ravenscroft is the  General Manager for the Major Metro Parks, InvoCare.

The COVID Pandemic has impacted all countries, communities and industries. The Cemetery and Crematoria industry in Australia has not been immune to the impact of the pandemic.

ISimone RavenscroftnvoCare Memorial Parks have focused on staying open and operational through the pandemic, ensuring the critical support of burial and cremations to client families continued. Our teams have been adaptable, resilient, and committed to providing the highest quality support and service delivery for our client families throughout this period, even under the constantly changing Government and Health mandates as society navigates the various strains and outbreaks.

The presentation will focus on the operational challenges of running Memorial Parks during the COVID pandemic, and the pivot in operating approaches required to keep the doors open and the support to all stakeholders as consistent as possible. 

Simone joined InvoCare in February 2014, initially leading teams for the InvoCare NSW Funerals division.

Being with InvoCare Funerals for just over 4½ years, Simone left for a short 10 months to a leading opportunity in the aged care industry. Simone returned to InvoCare in April 2019 as a Regional Manager for NSW Funerals. With over 6 years’ collectively working in the InvoCare Funerals area, Simone joined the Cemeteries and Crematoria area of InvoCare in October 2020.

Simone was appointed General Manager – Major Metro Parks in August 2021, overseeing the three largest parks in NSW, being Castlebrook Memorial Park, Pinegrove Memorial Park and Forest Lawn Memorial Park. In this role, Simone’s focus is on the long-term development and growth of the major metropolitan parks, while enhancing the products, services and standards of the parks and crematoriums to client families, the local communities and partnering funeral directors.

Prior to joining InvoCare, Simone held leadership and management roles in a number of major retail brands.